New York (Outer Borough) Stories

  • © Christine Osinski © Christine Osinski
  • © Marisol Diaz © Marisol Diaz
  • © Irina Rozovsky © Irina Rozovsky
  • © Sol Aramendi © Sol Aramendi

24 Gouveneur Lane (between Water Street and Front Street)
141 Water Street (between Pine Street and Maiden Lane)


Staten Island

Artist: Christine Osinski
Curator: Paul Moakley – Deputy Photo Editor, TIME Magazine


Artist: Marisol Díaz
Curator: Miriam Romais – Executive Director, En Foco


Artist: Irina Rozovsky
Curator: Sam Barzilay – Creative Director, United Photo Industries


Artist: Sol Aramendi
Curator: Hitomi Iwasaki – Director of Exhibitions & Curator, Queens Museum of Art

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Can one define New York? In a city of over eight million inhabitants living in five boroughs, can there be one narrative; a single story? New York City has long been a beacon, an inviting warm light calling out across the world to the creatives, the ambitious, the makers. It is a city in constant flux; growing, shifting, evolving; yet, in its heart, it always stays the same.

The NYC Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Urban Art Program collaborated with United Photos Industries to curate this outdoor exhibition titled, New York (Outer Borough) Stories, a series of images captured by New York City-based artists residing in the four “outer” boroughs—the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Presented in Lower Manhattan’s financial center, the exhibition aims to provide the visitor a rare window into the soul of New York and to celebrate what makes it tick.

In creating this exhibition, one photographer from each of the four outer boroughs was invited to collaborate with a locally-based curator to share a story about his/her own community. The selected photographers come from different social and cultural backgrounds, grew up in different neighborhoods and at different times, yet all share an affinity for their city. New York (Outer Borough) Stories is more than an exhibition of photographs; it is a celebration of New York, of its unique mix and diversity of people, and of the pride that defines and unites them all.

The photographs are adhered to ten art display cases positioned at two sites along the Water Street corridor—Gouveneur Lane between Water Street and Front Street, and Water Street between Pine Street and Maiden Lane. The installation is part of the City’s efforts to revitalize and activate Water Street in response to the devastating impact of Hurricane Sandy on Lower Manhattan, and will be on display for the next six months.

Special thanks to our guest curators Paul Moakley (Deputy Photo Editor, TIME Magazine), Miriam Romais (Executive Director, En Foco), and Hitomi Iwasaki (Director of Exhibitions & Curator, Queens Museum of Art); and DOT’s Parking Unit, Maspeth Sign Shop and Creative Services.

Launched in October 2008, DOT’s Urban Art Program invigorates the City’s streetscapes with engaging temporary art installations. The Program partners with community-based organizations and artists to present murals, sculptures, projections, and performances for up to 11 months on plazas, fences, barriers, bridges, and sidewalks. The art display cases, on which the photographs are displayed, were designed by Architecture Research Office. They host curated exhibits that are available to organizations for installation at appropriate DOT plazas and wide sidewalks. For more information on the DOT Urban Art Program and to download a list of current temporary art sites, visit