Drawn to Water: A Floating Photographic Exhibition


Drawn to Water: A Floating Photographic Exhibition is the latest initiative of a creative collaboration between the East River Ferry and United Photo Industries (UPI).

Proud to have been a strong partner and supporter of Photoville – UPI’s summer pop-up photo destination in Brooklyn Bridge Park – the East River Ferry continues to devise new ways of expanding upon its core product in order to make it a more enjoyable experience for all its riders.

Drawn to Water runs through the end of October.

Three exhibitions will be on view each month aboard the East River Ferry vessels:


As you glide along in a ferry-boat on New York City’s magnificent East River waterway, this commute is the right moment to pause, and contemplate our relationship to water.

From the ancient Persian kings beating the sea with chains, to Vikings sailing to new lands, and modern-day surfers riding the waves, mankind has always been in awe of water’s immense presence and power – and has sought to explore and tame it. In that spirit, we have curated a series of photographic exhibitions that will spark your imagination as they navigate our deep relationship to H20.

Through the lens of talented photographers, we will travel a world connected, dominated, and defined by water. From David Doubilet’s poetic photos of underwater creatures, to Joni Sternbach’s timeless tintype portraits of surfers across the world, and Stephen Mallon’s fascinating images of subway cars tossed into the Atlantic to form new coral reefs – vanishing into the unknown seeming no bigger than a child’s toy – these are just the start of a journey that will take us across the seven seas, and we hope you’ll join us for every step of the way.

Drawn to Water. It’s like returning home.