Photoville 2016

Support Photoville!

Photoville, New York City’s FREE premier photo destination produced by United Photo Industries,
is a modular venue built from repurposed shipping containers.

We are deeply committed to keeping Photoville free for everyone to participate and enjoy, and to continue to expand our public arts & education programming — which is why we need your support!

It takes a community to build a village, and Photoville is no exception. The success of this unique photography destination lies squarely in its devotion to partnerships, creative collaborations and community spirit.

United Photo Industries became a 501c3 not-for-profit organization in the summer of 2017. UPI has been celebrating public art installations for the past five years to provide free and accessible photography to the public, and to offer more opportunities and platforms for photographers to share their work. Please join us in support so that we can continue showcasing amazing photographic work that lives beyond pristine gallery walls.