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Gallery Exhibitions

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With an unwavering focus on providing exhibition opportunities to emerging and mid-career lens-based artists, we’ve been privileged to present more than 23 separate shows and over 90 artists since opening the doors of our burgeoning Gallery Headquarters in 2011.

Photography in Public Spaces


Since its inception, United Photo Industries has been committed to presenting compelling photographic works in public areas. Shipping containers, fence lines, free-standing mobile displays, and boats are just a few of the many ways we continue to conjure and explore opportunities to bring photography to the public eye.

Special Projects


Special projects hold a revered place in the UPI pantheon of exhibition opportunities. In our perpetual search for new audiences and new opportunities for artistic cross-pollination, these are the projects that take us around the world. International photo festivals, photography film premieres, juried invitationals, cutting edge installations – the UPI team never turns down an opportunity to create a bridge between photographers and audiences the world over.

Educational Programming


With the twin goals of developing students’ practical photography skills as well as their personal voice as visual story-tellers, UPI coordinates a series of photographic residencies aimed at middle & high school students throughout the year – in partnership with local arts & education organizations.

Focused on conveying a deep understanding and appreciation of the raw power of the photographic practice, UPI’s photographic residencies provide students with the necessary impetus to push past their comfort zone, experiment in their approach, and interact with subjects from all walks of life – important stepping stones in the development of their visual language.



PHOTOVILLE – New York City’s FREE premier photo destination produced by United Photo Industries – is a modular venue built from re-purposed shipping containers.

Photoville 2015 in Brooklyn Bridge Park was epic. Over 76,000 visitors came out to experience the work of 400 artists from all over the world, in exhibitions and installations inside and out of our containers. Photoville hosted talks, panels, workshops, and photo walks with some of the best photographers in the world.

Balmy September nights in the Beer Garden featured presentations from the likes of Getty Images, The New York Times, National Geographic, PBS’ POV, and the fabulous photographer Janette Beckman who curated a wonderful show consisting of over 50 amazing music photographers.